Monday, November 14, 2011

monsoon season

hi my fellow blogger..sorry for long time being quietly doesn't mean i forgot my password but i'm just busy with my work coz this is the end of 2011 and still lot of works to do

so..let's start over with shall we? the weather here seems not helping at all..why ? it's the begining of raining season in terengganu , kelantan and of course pahang and i living in small town called kemaman in terengganu.
it's start raining last month and it's start getting worst now coz some in kawasan pendalaman ( don't know to spell in english ) already flooded but luckily i'm staying near the town and the flood didn't effect much here. for the kids they like to play in the flood.. know why ? they can catch fish with their hands you can see the catfish alongside the road coz they are trapped by the flood but watch out for the crocs too they also trapped when the flood is rising up

for the tapioca seller it become their side income coz lot's of people will by these tapioca or ubi kayu or bandung in sarawak language ( correct me if i'm wrong ) in these cold's really good when u eating with coconut and a little bit of sugar and nice hot coffee waa... makes me to find it hehhe for certain old folks they eating with sambal belacan i never try those for me it's enough for dipping with coconut and sugar hehe.

for the fishermen they didn't go to the sea coz it will be a rough wave and it dangerous to go fishing..for the fishermen time like this they will able to fix their fishing nets or fixing their boats there's a lot of thing you can see in terengganu's heritage such as boat maker at pulau duyung , keropok making at losong ( famous place for keropok lekor ) and pasar payang where you can see a lot traditional food and also shopping at the upper deck in that market you will see a lot songket's and batik's and you can find the best songket's there the price also affordable no need to worry :)

so i think i'll stop here now feel free to come here ? don't worry i will able to be your tour guide


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